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Black Candle Tins
Black Candle Tins
Black Candle Tins

Black Candle Tins

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Our luxe matte black candle tins are the perfect addition to any home and workspace creating a relaxing ambiance where ever you go. 

Each candle is hand poured using 100% soy wax giving maximum scent throw with a clean burn. 

On the first burn allow wax pool to reach the edge of the container to ensure the candle burns flat and you get maximum burn time out of your candle. 

Trimming your wick before each burn is important to get the best burn from your candle, if the wick is too long the flame can become too big. Always keep wick trimmed at 5mm. 

Small  - Burn time up to 12 hours

Large - Burn time up to 22 hours


 *please note due to delivery delays and stock problems with supplier companies due to COVID there are two styles of tins. Both Matte black and both hold the same amount of wax just look slightly different


* Each candle is hand poured and may contain slight imperfections.

* Candle shades will vary depending on different fragrance oils, some fragrance oils can react with the tin discolouring wax near the edge, this does not affect your candles burn or scent throw.



Keep out of reach of children and pets. Do not place candle on uneven surface or near anything that can catch alight. Do not place candle near draft. 

Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Beautiful Products that smell amazing

I ordered two small candles and absoultuly love them.
I'm currently burning the black raspberry and it has the most beautiful smell.
Highly recommend Ash's products.

Shannon Conyers
Watermelon & lemonade

I love all the fragrances here at ignited senses, but wow the watermelon & lemonade will forever be my favourite. It smells soo good & no matter where you are in the house so can smell it! Amazing!

Anna Cooper
Black Raspberry

This is a new candle for me and it's just lovely. I burn it most days and nights. It sends a beautiful scent throughout the house. I'm going to have to purchase more at the rate I'm burning it.

Thanks Ignited Senses for such a lovely product.

Alannah M.
Champagne & Strawberries

This scent is my Friday night scent! So sweet so stunning & so delicious! The aroma is delicious & perfect for that night time bath with champagne or catching up on MAFS with a glass of wine, cheese platter & sleeping kids!

E. Tonkin
Small Travel Tin

The small candle tin is one of my favourites! I have the scent frangipani and spiced pear, which is a nice fresh scent and brightens my home! I love the candle tins for the simplicity as well as they can be taken along when travelling!