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Fragrance List

Champagne & Strawberries - A delicious blend of champagne with notes of strawberries, roses and raspberries. 

Sex on the Beach - Smells just like the cocktail with notes of pineapple, cranberry, peach, coconut and jasmine.

Coconut & Lime - A fusion of fresh coconut, lime and soothing vanilla.

Sweet Lemongrass - A fresh and invigorating fragrance with notes of jasmine, lemon, citrus, musk and vanilla.

Frangipani & Spiced Pear - Soft and warming with notes of leafy green, apple, tonka, cinnamon and jasmine.

Black Raspberry - Delicious sun ripened black raspberries warmed with sugared vanilla infused with lemon.

Watermelon Lemonade - Summer in a bottle! Refreshing watermelon with hints of blackberry, vanilla bean and lemon.

Vanilla - A classic creamy vanilla bean

Lychee Guava - Uplifting and vibrant with notes of lychee blossom, white grapefruit, wild mango, guava and coconut.

Vanilla Bourbon - Sweet buttery vanilla with a touch of intoxicating coconut.

Japanese Honeysuckle - Spring blooming Japanese Honeysuckle with hints of Patchouli, Rosewood, Cinnamon and Lilac.

Pink Himalayan - A gorgeously sweet inviting fragrance with a fresh burst of salty listened.

Seagrass & Wild Lavender - Seagrass, wild lavender and willow wood combined with teakwood, cedar and moss.

Cherry Blossom - Fruity and floral, a combination of jasmine, strawberry and rose.

Clean Cotton - Clean and crisp with notes of bergamont, jasmine, rose, vanilla and musk.

Vanilla Caramel - A creamy vanilla caramel with hints of coconut.